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Hair Care

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Wednesday, 26 June 2013
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How to choose a right hair colour

Hair colouring is one of the best ways of changing your looks to a more stylish one. The process of selecting a hair colour is not as simple as it sounds but our tips for choosing a right hair colour will help you to find the perfect hair colour. Rea more

The Truth About Hair

Find out the truth about hair and clear the myths concerning hair to have a healthy hair growth. Health of the hair and type of hair you have depends on genetics, use of hair care products and other factors. Read on to know more.Christian Louboutin U more

How to oil your hair

Oiling hair helps in maintaining long and strong hair. It helps to cope with the problems like hair fall and so on. Are there any hair oiling secrets? Find out the tips for oiling your hair and keep your hair break free.

Side Effects of Hair Rebonding

Are you going in for hair rebonding? Do you know what happens to your hair during rebonding? Hair rebonding is done with the use of strong chemicals. Know the side effects of rebonding of hair before you opt for the process of hair rebonding. Find ou more

Coping with Dandruff

Coping with dandruff will become easy with the tips that will help you control and reduce dandruff. You can keep dandruff away or reduce dandruff to some extent with a proper hair care regimen. Find out the solutions for coping with dandruff easily.

Tips for Preventing Hair Fall

Preventing hair fall depends on the reasons behind hair fall. Few simple tips to prevent hair loss can show marked improvements in your hair growth. Find out the causes behind hair fall and the precautions that you can take so that you do not face ha more

All about Hair Rebonding

Hair rebonding can change your unruly wavy locks to straight hair. It is much more than chemical hair treatment as it alters the natural hair structure. Her’s a guide to hair rebonding to help you understand the process of rebonding. air max more

What is Hair Transplant?

Hair transplant is a sure shot way of treating hair loss. Hair transplant treatment is expensive but is effective for both men and women. Learn about the steps to a successful hair transplant before undergoing hair transplantation and also find out w more

How to use straightening irons

Hair straightening irons are the perfect tool for getting straight silky flowing hair but do you know how to use a hair straightening iron? Improper use of straightening irons can affect the health of your hair. Find out about hair protection product more


Bored of your straight hair or curly hair? Get a different hairstyle with bangs. Bangs are a great way to jazz up your look. Find out the various styles in bangs and how to trim your bangs at home by yourself. louboutin uk longchamp pliage pas cher c more

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