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Monday, 30 November -0001
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  • Siya Gandhi
    shared a photo in Diabetes

    Diabetes is manageable and people can lead a normal life even with diabetes. Sharing a reminder for those with diabetes, if followed regularly, then diabetes will not a road block to fun.

  • Diabetes risk factors should be kept in mind to prevent the disease

  • good to know..

  • what foods to eat and what foods to beat!

  • Blood sugar monitors are very helpful for diabetic patients.

  • Healthy food is always preferable to prevent and cope with disorders like diabetes.

  • What are the treatments for type 2 diabetes?

    Ashu M correct diet, correct medications help in treating T2 diabetes.
    7 years ago

  • Following a healthy lifestyle can help to prevent diabetes.

  • Monitoring diabetes is essential for right management of diabetes.

  • Diabetes can be genetic.

  • Healthy diet and regular exercise can help to prevent diabetes.

  • Modern devices help to monitor blood sugar levels with an ease.

  • Diabetic patients should follow right diet.

    Naresh Singhal Avoid water between diet (meal)
    6 years ago

  • Gestational diabetes can be prevented with the help of yoga and proper diet.

  • Fitness regimen is important for managing diabetes.

  • Right exercise and diet can help to manage diabetes effectively.