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Make Up & Dressing Up

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Monday, 30 November -0001
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  • eyeliners accentuate the yes and thus enhance the features of the face. sharing with you some different type of eyeliners that can enhance the eyes.

  • Brilliant eye make up that can be used in the day time also. Simple but defining the eyes beautifully

  • what a smart way of dressing up! full black outfit and accesories, and a dash of colour in your shoes.. beautiful!

    Fatima Shreen HOT! love the pink!
    6 years ago

  • Nail polish remover bottle. This would be perfect for removing gel manicures. Simply stuff sponges inside an air tight bottle and pour nail polish remover inside it.. so simple and so cheap when compared to those expensive bottles that you get outside..

    Arushi Sahai great idea!
    6 years ago

  • Apply your lipliner like this to get even bow shaped lips like Cupid..

  • Red Lipsticks MAY be in, but that doesnt mean that everyone looks hot in red lipstick.. Your skin colour is important when selecting your shade of red.. this should help:

  • power of contouring and highlighting! see how the first picture can look like the last picture! amazing what makeup can do!

    Dhwani Singh unbelievable that the woman in the first picture is the same as the woman in the last picture! this is like ART!
    6 years ago

  • How to use concealer..Important for all Indian women cursed with dark circles

    Dhwani Singh I have HUGE dark circles..
    6 years ago

  • Mascara is a great make-up tool. It helps open up the small eyes and makes eyelashes look thicker. Applying mascara glams up the overall look.

  • Love the braided bun look...its simple to make but looks super chic. No stray hairs and perfect for every occasion.

    Hetal Kapoor you make it look so easy but its really difficult to get the hair to look so pretty.,.. tried so many times..
    6 years ago

  • Looking good has been the prerogative of women since ages. Makeup helps in looking good. sharing with you the history behind make-up down the ages.

  • A flawless makeup application needs the right tools. Different makeup brushes that are essential for creating any look have different uses. Here's a guide to use of make-up brushes.

  • Hair brushes are designed to create different styles and for care for specific types of hair. Knowing the basic purposes of each type helps in hairstyling. Sharing this pic. so that you know the basic purposes of each type of brush before you buy one....

  • my sister's eye make up was really old and now her eyelids look so black and ugly.. its unbelievable hw fast our makeup expires once you remove its seal.. so sharing this pic with u..

    Naina Doshi very important info
    6 years ago

  • so pretty!! and so easy...all you need is thin strips of tape.. if not available, you can simply manually cut sellotape to the desired thickness and create funky nail art yourself.. definitely trying it today! will post a pic of it tomrrow!!

    Naina Doshi so easy and genius!
    6 years ago

  • I want to learn proper lip-makeup.

  • Nice bridal wear.

  • Gorgeous natural looking make-up.

  • Concealer is a must have in a vanity box.

  • Good shoes and hand-bags, glares, ear rings and bracelets are essentials of dressing up.