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Joint Family

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Monday, 30 November -0001
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  • Samruti Thakkar
    shared a photo in Joint Family

    Was really surprised to see this photo....all the members of a family living under the same roof. We are missing this joint family system. Living together must be a great feeling with everybody working together in happiness or sorrow.. The joy gets doubled when we all live together as a family.

    Swathi Woahhhh!! So many people!
    5 years ago

  • An old photograph of my mothers joint family. I am always amazed about this joint family system. I would like to live in a joint family.

  • An Indian Joint family celebrating Holi festival.

  • A joint family is a happy family.

  • Children don’t need friends in a joint family.

  • An ideal Maharashtrian joint family.

  • Children are raised well in joint families.

  • Living in a joint family is a wonderful experience.

  • Joint family is always better than a nuclear family.

  • Relationships are strong in a joint family.

    Ramesh Ram s correctly
    7 years ago

  • Tradition of living in a joint family is too strong in India.

    Ramesh Ram Nice family
    7 years ago

  • A happy joint family.

  • An ideal joint family.

  • Joint families of India are amazing.