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Family Planning

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Family Planning

Monday, 30 November -0001
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  • Sonia Roy
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    Cervical mucus method is a natural method of family planning. It can surely prevent pregnancy. sharing with you how to calculate fertile and non fertile days by observing cervical mucus.

  • Dev Singh
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    Love this quote....True a woman's health is more important for a family as she is the pillar of it. Proper family planning method helps in keeping her healthy.

  • Amish Vora
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    I get nostalgic when I see this stamp. The stamp was issued to promote family planning. The slogan was quite popular when I was small. Still I have this stamp.

  • There are various methods to plan a family according to your wishes. There is a wide range of natural and artificial family planning methods to prevent pregnancy when you arent ready. This image shows the effectiveness of different types of birth control..

    Krishna Parikh very needed information!
    6 years ago

  • Planning to have kids after a while, after enjoying married life for couple of years.

  • Pregnancy – an inseparable part of family planning.

  • Doctors play an important role in helping couples to plan a family.

  • A toddler with his parents.

  • A cute little angle with her parents.

  • Bed time!

  • A very cute and small family.

    Shailendra Camp hi
    6 years ago

  • Pregnancy is a wonderful phase during family planning.

  • A small family is a happy family.

  • Having only one kid is preferred by most of the couples.

  • Taking doctor’s advice while planning a family is essential.

  • Right family planning is a must to raise healthy kids.

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