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Monday, 30 November -0001
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  • Samay Rai
    shared a photo in Depression

    Depression is mainly as a result of emotional disconnect. It holds true both for kids and adults. Trying to connect with them can help in its treatment.

  • Malti Shanker
    shared a photo in Depression

    Depression is as a result of anxiety. Too much anxiety spikes up the blood pressure and stress hormone which may lead to depression. IT is better to do something to get rid of anxiety.

  • Sonia Roy
    shared a photo in Depression

    Depression in kids is a serious issue. It is best to provide treatment early for complete cure. Sharing with you the symptoms of depression in kids

  • So True. Actually, depressed people never want to end their life but their pain. As they cannot find a way to end their pain, so they end up committing suicide.

    musawar rafique but their is also many other ways to manage pain
    5 years ago

  • dont get depressed when you fail in something because all FAIL is is First Attempt in Learning.. You always learn from your mistakes..

  • this, i think, is the main reason for depression..

    Sarbani Gupta LOL.. me too!
    5 years ago

  • People with depression are often low in vitamin D..

  • what a beautiful thing to say..

    Abhishek Bhartiya beautiful quote..
    5 years ago

  • need to keep this in mind...

  • look for the silver lining in every dark cloud..

  • i was dumped by my boyfriend of 4 years just when we were about to get engaged.. i spent the whole of last year feeling sorry for myself.. my family pushed me to see other boys but i rejected all of them because of my depression.. i lost my self worth when he broke up with me.. i blamed myself.. but no more.. this image is my mantra for 2014. i take a stand against my depression..may u do th same

    pvs reddy Very True..Have a great year ahead..
    6 years ago

  • Depression can have serious repercussions on life.

  • Do not get depressed because of the issues in work life. All problems have solution.

    Deleted user. yeah
    6 years ago

  • Many a time’s depression is as a result of love and relationships issues.

    ajit nikam it's really true Simran...
    5 years ago

  • Do not let your professional life mix with your work life as issue may lead to depression.

    ashok kumar hi dear may i help u
    6 years ago

  • Many women face postpartum depression.

    ashok kumar hi dear may i help u
    6 years ago

  • It is not good to stay depressed for a long time.

  • Depression can create havoc in life.

  • Sorting out issues can help to prevent depression.

  • Talking to closed ones can help to deal with depression.