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Friday, 15 February 2013
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  • Kanchi Kothari
    shared a photo in Body & Fitness

    Amazing fitness plan that helps to lose weight and stay fit. This routine is to be followed for some time so as to notice desirable results.

  • Swapna Jadhav
    shared a photo in Body & Fitness

    These simple exercises will help you to stay fit and healthy. These can be done anywhere and are easy to do for all age groups.

  • Palak Dalvi
    shared a photo in Body & Fitness

    Aerial yoga has recently gained much momentum. It is the latest fitness craze. It makes body flexible but one should do under expert guidance.

    Smriti Tori i havent heard of any gym offering it as yet.. guess they are worried about injuries and all..
    5 years ago
  • Abhishek Bhartiya
    shared a photo in Body & Fitness

    Just 5 minutes of simple exercises can prevent a lot of problems in future...just try it.

  • Tone your core with this Pilates move. Must do!

  • remmbr what exactly is burning fat all about before going to crazy lengths to look thin!

  • how to get flat abs.. great stuff!

    sunita tokas Gud 1
    6 years ago

  • these are great exercises to lose that shaky flab around our middles..


  • what to eat and drink before and after a workout.. very important..

    Dhyaan Arora great tips! Thanks for posting!
    6 years ago

  • Daily workout idea - Burpees. They are very famous in USA right now. I can see why, they really get the heart pumping!

  • exercises to loose weight around the thighs.. very helpful

  • Music, according to me, is the most important accompaniment when working out.. see this list of the top 100 workout songs according to some magazine.. most of these are on my playlist.. motivates you to work out harder and stronger!

  • Blast that Arm Fat Workout!

  • hope this helps you'll in your endeavour to be fit!

    Deleted user. no
    6 years ago

  • its important to not consider your warm-up as part of your starts AFTER you properly warm up..

  • great exercises to tighten your ***.. if you dont have an exercise ball, you can even use a chair or something..

    Shweta Kale great exercises!!
    6 years ago

  • plank everyday! for a little more time today than builds you core muscles and strengthens your entire body..

  • I have started exercising regularly ever since I came to know of its benefits. Regular exercise not only gives a fir body but also has many other amazing benefits. sharing the benefits of exercises. .....

  • Choosing a pair of running shoes is not easy. Running shoes must be chosen with care as they support the feet. I found this pretty informative so sharing with you all.