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Health, Wellness and Spirituality
Friday, 15 February 2013
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  • Usha Kothmire
    shared a photo in Spirituality

    Spirituality can never be learned, it comes from within. It gives immense peace.

  • Kiran Bhavsar
    shared a photo in Spirituality

    The meaning of spirituality is deep. All it means is to find inner peace. I am sharing this picture with you because this is what we are searching for in life and this is how we can find out what we are out for.

  • Hetal Kapoor
    shared a photo in Spirituality

    I found this quote so true. We often imitate others and lose our own identity and as a result of this we are always sad. How we can be happy when we are not ourselves and copying others. It is better to be our unique world and enjoy the world.

  • Stress Less!

  • She is truly a great spritual leader...I like what she preaches and try to follow it. You must watch or attend her satsangs.

  • I like what he preach about the healthy living...

    sanjeev jain otytuytutuyu
    7 years ago

  • "Your thoughts, your feelings, your emotions, your sentiments, all are centered in your head. It is just a fallacy to think that your feelings are in the heart. Your heart is just a blood pumping station”.- Osho

  • Ramdev Baba is the best spiritual leader. I like his yoga techniques..

    Kiran Bhavsar Ramdev maharaj is the best yoga guru. I like the way he twists his body while practising any yoga asanas. His yoga practice is a must watch.
    7 years ago

  • Meditation is the best way to stay calm and composed.

    Sunny Kumar I agree with you, meditation is the best thing to calm your soul and get peace. It is better to mediate then to get involved in dirty day-to-day politics.
    7 years ago

  • Following spiritual path will change your entire life...You will become positive and positive energy will always accompany you.

    Joseph Fernandes Living a spiritual life is a good way of leading a life. Being spiritual means staying away from all kinds of miseries in life.
    7 years ago

  • It is important to reserve some time in a day to do spiritual activities.

    Fatima Shreen I agree with you, I it is very important to reserve some time from our busy schedule preferably early in the morning to do spiritual activities like meditation.
    7 years ago

  • An amazing time to mediate...I would love to meditate in such environment

    Anuj Kamble Meditation for 5 minutes is not enough, you must mediate for at least half hour to understand its real meaning and everyday you should keep adding 5 minutes to your meditation regimen.
    7 years ago

  • Being in a spiritual world is the best thing to stay away from all other sad things of the world.

    Dev Singh Spiritual word is the most beautiful world. It is very important to spiritual activities to get peace of mind. It helps to stay away from the sad things of the world.
    7 years ago

  • Following a spiritual path helps to be calm and tension free....

    Sumit Chavhan If you are unhappy you should follow the spiritual path. You will gain all your lost happiness through the spiritual path.
    7 years ago

  • Being Spiritual is the best thing in the world...

    Tejal Shah Being spiritual really helps to stay calm and tension free. It is the best thing in life. We must follow the teachings of spiritual gurus so that we can lead a spiritual life.
    7 years ago

  • Following a spiritual path is the best way to lead life...

    Madiya Qureshi What does it mean to be spiritual? Is being spiritual means to meditate for longer hours? What does spirituality involve?
    7 years ago

  • Meditation is the best thing to do to relax the soul...i practice meditation for 5 minutes everyday