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Friday, 15 February 2013
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  • Gaurav Chedda
    shared a photo in Fashion

    This is worst men's fashion idea...a strapless shirt will never be cool

  • Naina Doshi
    shared a photo in Fashion

    A statement clutch can lift even a simple dress. Minimal accessories go well with a statement clutch. A LBD and a clutch is a rocking combination

  • Krishna Parikh
    shared a photo in Fashion

    Long Jackets look so classy. They can be mix and matched and look equally good and eye catching. One jacket can give different stylish looks when mixed with different combinations.

  • such a stylish work outfit!

    Simran Jain very pretty outfit!
    6 years ago

  • a helpful infographic on how to wear the Saree properly.. i should print this out and stick it to my mirror! no matter how much i practice, i cant get it right!

  • croptops and maxis.. so fashionable right now!

    Sari Nath but you need to be really thin from the waist to carry of the crop top!
    6 years ago

  • An absolutely beautiful dress.. would get such stuff abroad so easily!! here ill have to get it stitched from some tailor

  • what a great combo for a day out! Im gonna try to get together a similar combo!

  • This is True Fashion Sense. Brands are not as important as Style.. Black is slimming and the shoes make it seem like her legs are never-ending.

    Samruti Thakkar True that!
    6 years ago

  • studded heels are in fashion.. see how we can re-update our old heels to look like new fashionable heels!

    Palak Dalvi great tip to renovate old and scruffy heels that you paid a lot for and dont have the heart to throw away!
    6 years ago

  • its winter and that means that for one measly month we can show off our winter fashion! I love scarves but havent been able to style it as well as they do in fashion magazines so far. However, this tutorial seems real easy! sharing it here for other scarf loving fashionistas here!

  • Handbags are a style statement. They are must for every woman. The size of handbag is important as it determines what a woman will carry when going out....Check out the essentials in a handbag.

  • brilliant idea.. and seems so easy!

    Swapna Jadhav LOVE !!
    6 years ago

  • out of the world fashion for women.

  • Is ramp walking difficult?

  • Traditional yet trendy Indian wear.

  • trendy jacket with wonderful colour.

  • Good hair style.

  • Celebrity fashion is the mostly followed by people.

  • Simple yet stunning fashion.