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Wednesday, 20 February 2013
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  • Gaurav Chedda
    shared a photo in Shopping

    Online shopping can be a problem if not done in the right manner. Here are some tips to help you with online shopping

  • Riya Jain
    shared a photo in Shopping

    When I go shopping, I always make a list of things I will buy. I try to shop for everyone in the family. It makes me happy. A list can make shopping easier.

  • Preeti Gada
    shared a photo in Shopping

    I am crazy about shopping...just can't miss out the end of season sales...

  • instead of spending 500 bucks on hair bands from accesorize, make them at home.. they are so simple to make and look as pretty as the expensive ones we get in shops..

  • such cool vests for this winter season! love the colours! now just have to find one of these to actually buy

    Dhwani Singh really pretty colours!
    6 years ago

  • How to Choose Necklaces for Necklines - pretty helpful!

  • instead of spending thousands on zara printed pants, make your own with this tips. take old faded jeans, cut out a heart or any shape in thick cardboard paper, buy fabric paint and a bush (ask the store to suggest the best brush) and just go wild! so easy and will cost half of what those zara pants do!

  • is this considered a fashionable clutch? i want to call for it from dubai for my wife..but it is a little it nice? then i'll order it from a friend..pls someone reply soon.. thanks in advance!

    Hetal Kapoor its very smart...go ahead and order it according to me! i toh loved it !
    6 years ago

  • Cool shopping tips to save money and time....must read

  • so many times, i've seen such bracelets being sold at lifestyle and westside and other departmental stores. making them at home is so much more sensible and easy!

  • I had a great shopping time at Bandra linking road in Mumbai.

  • It is a family shopping time.

  • Teens have lot of fun while shopping.

  • It is expensive to shop in Malls.

  • Beautiful dress.

  • I love to shop in Malls.

  • Which is the best place in Mumbai to shop for females.

  • Nakoda Maula is the best place to shop in Mumbai.

  • Shopping with partner is a good idea.

  • I love shopping when I get discount offers and deals.

    Althea Gorgonia will shop a shoes and baby bra
    6 years ago