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Wednesday, 27 February 2013
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  • Hetal Kapoor
    shared a photo in Travelling

    The beauty of Langkawi islands can't be expressed. One just needs to visit to experience the beauty...

    shared a photo in Travelling

    In Night Bomdila, Arunachal Pradesh

  • Neerav Joshi
    shared a photo in Travelling

    We are most likely to remember packing everything if we plan before. Planning makes traveling an enjoyable experience. Sharing what to keep in mind while traveling by air.

  • Abhishek Bhartiya
    shared a photo in Travelling

    I am a travel bug and I make sure to travel every month to a new place. Traveling gives me a high that no other thing can give. I have learnt a lot of things by traveling and this quote holds really true. So explore or discover now rather than regretting later.

  • Manthan Choksi
    shared a photo in Travelling

    Argentina is popular tourist destinations and famous for natural scenery as well as modern cities. This place is really scenic....

  • Just Beautiful, Montreal Botanical Garden, Canada. will go there soon *fingers crossed!

  • The Fairy Pools on the Isle of Skye, Scotland. On my Bucket List.. beautiful..

    Ishika Seth wowww.. beautiful! purple coloured trees... never seen anything like it.. even the colour of the water is so pretty!
    6 years ago

  • Dublin, Ireland. Castle perched on a rock. Just wow! which architect would be so insane as to actually have the guts to build it so precariously over a rock!

    Manthan Choksi BEAUTIFUL!
    6 years ago

  • Turquoise Sea, Sardinia, Italy. How clear must the water be that you can actually see the boat's shadow so clearly!

  • This is Blue Lagoon in Iceland. A geothermal spa that has so much steam, it looks like your swimming in heaven! Its so pwerful, that it can cure a number of skin ailments! Just WOW!

    Kalash Shah Whoh!! this actually looks like they are swimming in the clouds or something! BRILLIANT!
    6 years ago

  • Yellowstone National Park: A delight for anyone even remotely interested in understanding how nature works..

    Sweta Yadav Hi Tara.. is the steam and all good for our health?
    6 years ago

  • cnt believe this is JODHPUR, INDIA.. it looks so beautiful.. the colours, the mix-matched sizes...beautiful! i loved my holiday there..

    Palak Dalvi truly unbelievable! it looks so beautiful!
    6 years ago

  • the floating market in thailand..only on weekends in the early morning... it was really a sight to be seen to be believed!

  • Floating lantern festival in Thailand. Just a few days ago...I was lucky to be there at the time.. it was almost magical!

    Swapna Jadhav it looks truly magical! like the rapunzel movie - tangled..
    6 years ago

  • Writing reviews on the places i have visited is so much fun ........It makes me a writer and enhances's my writing skills

    check one of my review's in the below link…

  • I like travelling to short distances.

  • I love travelling.

    Salma me too
    6 years ago

  • Which is the best mode for travelling?

    Salma depends on the destination of choice ........
    6 years ago

  • Proper safety precautions should be taken while travelling with kids.

  • Going on a family holiday once in a year is a must.

    Salma 100% true
    6 years ago