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Monday, 11 March 2013
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  • Samay Rai
    shared a photo in Creative Arts

    Don't know what to say about this art....This type of creative expression is little confusing for me cos I can't make out what this means

  • Fatima Shreen
    shared a photo in Creative Arts

    Amazing creativity with crayons. This needs patience and precision

  • Kanchi Kothari
    shared a photo in Creative Arts

    Did anyone think of using pencil shavings as a means of decoration? I found this idea simply amazing. small kids would love to give their imaginations a free run.

  • Palak Dalvi
    shared a photo in Creative Arts

    Old CDs can be used to make this eye catching photoframe....Amazing creativity. Thinking of trying this one.

  • a crafty leaf project for kids. Encourage kids to be creative with discoveries from nature - shells, sticks, leaves and flowers!

  • redecorate old plates. use a marker to trace out a design and then bake the dish in the oven for 20 minutes. the print will become permanent. genius!

  • how to make an owl from clay.. if you bake it then you can also use it as fridge magnets or something.. a fun activity tto do with kids!

    Sarbani Gupta its so simple but looks lik it must have been very complicated!
    6 years ago

  • nice activity to do with kids... for someone in the family's birthday or something..

    Siya Gandhi very nice craft!
    6 years ago

  • tips to always stay creative...

  • Use an old CD to make this with your kids..

    Sakshi Kakkar VERY NYC
    6 years ago

  • Take glasses, Cover with different sized rubber bands haphazardly, and spray paint or manually paint a dull gold or silver to make beautiful candle holders..

  • make a pop up christmas card with kids..its so easy!

  • Biggest 3D painting in Surat.. how cool is that! this is truly creative art!

  • what a simple yet elegant idea..dip the ends of pretty wine glasses in fevicol, and then dip in a bowl of glitter..

  • Paint your fan blades in primary colors (add secondary and/or tertiary depending on the number of blades) and they blend into a rainbow when turned on. So fun!

  • Amazing real looking painting in the background.

  • Arts and crafts by kids.

  • Beautiful creative painting of bowls.

    Ramaa Ramesh What material have they used?
    7 years ago

  • What careers opportunities are available for people who are into drawing and painting?

  • I want to attend good painting classes.