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Diet & Weight Loss

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Diet & Weight Loss

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Monday, 11 March 2013
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  • Best post pregnancy workout

  • Gaurav Chedda
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    Best way to reduce tummy. It is effective

  • Kiran Bhavsar
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    A perfect diet plan to reduce weight. This diet plan is easy to follow and has Indian meals, so suitable for Indians.

  • Minal Bhalla
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    Include these foods in your diet and see the boost in your metabolism which will lead to weight loss.

  • Fatima Shreen
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    weight loss is not only about diet but it is a balance between diet and exercises.. a perfect combination can only help in weight loss. Found this worth sharing for ll those who want to lose weight in a healthy manner.

  • easy And Simple Way To Burn Fat

  • what you should eat - more and less.. good to know!

  • ~Dr. Oz Fat Flush Water~ Slice of grapefruit; ½ cucumber; 1 tangerine; 2 peppermint leaves; water & ice.Mix all ingredients together in a pitcher & drink it throughout the day. Grapefruit is great for fighting fat & controlling appetite. Peppermint leaves give it a great refreshing taste. Cucumbers aid in digestion & help to control bloating.

    Hetal Kapoor seems yumm! perfect for the summer... will have to try!
    5 years ago

  • it helps to know how many calories are there in what we eat..

  • things we need to do to lose extra weight and stay healthy..

    Naina Doshi LOL! mee too!
    5 years ago

  • If you really want to lose weight na, then always combine your complex carbs with lean protein.

  • Blueberries are wonder berries. They are full of health benefits. Being rich in phytonutrients, they are best during weight loss programs as they prevent loss of nutrients from the body. Here's some facts about blueberries.

  • I tried dieting to lose weight but ended up gorging more, then I chanced upon these tips. I followed the tips and lost a pound in a month. sharing the tips.

  • The Lazy Girl's Workout! Seems like too much work but will have to start!! hope it helps all of u!!

    Abrar Ahmad q
    6 years ago

  • so..true...start small but just start.. make one small change in your lifestyle today, and u will be thankful tomorrow

  • try and follow this when you get cravings next time!

  • if this wont motivate me to lose weight...then nothing will!

    Hemali Mundra cool is many problems are caused by fat?!?!?! you're right neerav.. this is a definite motivation..thanks for sharing...
    6 years ago

  • food that help with loosing stomach fat..

  • The diet that keeps me fit and active is of fresh fruit and vegetables. I have also lost excess weight while on this diet. Have you tried?

  • Eat Healthy, Live Happy!