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Alternative Healing

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Monday, 11 March 2013
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  • Samay Rai
    shared a photo in Alternative Healing

    Acupuncture is for those who want holistic healing. It heals from within and is for those people who don't want to take pain medication

  • Sneha Rathod
    shared a photo in Alternative Healing

    Naturopathy is actually holistic healing. It makes use of natural ways for treating diseases so there are no side effects.

  • Neha Francis
    shared a photo in Alternative Healing

    The health of family can be improved by reflexology. The feet is divided into invisible zones in the body and there are various reflex points in hands, feet and other parts of the body. Just concentrating on those points can help in health improvement.

  • Dev Singh
    shared a photo in Alternative Healing

    Alternative medicines have fewer side effects and are nearly safe. They try to treat the disease from its root. Sharing with you some alternative and traditional practices.

  • Dev Singh
    shared a photo in Alternative Healing

    Massage is the best and safest way of curing many diseases without the use of medicines. IT has potential to cure many diseases so one must resort to specific massages for treating specific diseases.

  • I never knew that a simple massage has healing properties. A massage can cure many diseases or disorders. Really loved reading this bit of information about massage and thought of sharing. The plus point of massage is that it relaxes the mind also.

  • Sari Nath
    shared a photo in Alternative Healing

    Gem Therapy for headaches is a great healer

  • Sneha Rathod
    shared a photo in Alternative Healing

    acupuncture can heal many illnesses as it manipulates the flow of energy to different parts of the body by inserting needles at acupoints.

  • Siya Gandhi
    shared a photo in Alternative Healing

    Indeed colours have strong influence on our minds and moods

  • the main functions of each chakra.. its all so interesting!

  • main chakra centres in the body - and what they stand for.. so interesting! i love how reiki and all these other energy based healings work!

  • Feng Shui chart... interesting!

    Sarbani Gupta i didnt either..
    5 years ago

  • The main Principles of Reiki. Important to achieve health success with it..

  • Different colours and how they benefit us..

    Abhishek Bhartiya so should makes kids wear orange for exams.. will give them more confidence.. they should wear red for sports day, so they get more energy..
    6 years ago

  • instead of pills, try normal foods to fight those headaches..

  • alternative therapies and cancer...

  • tips to lose weight with reiki.. very basic..even one who doesnt know reiki in depth can do this much!

  • Improve your blood pressure by eating these!

  • how is distant healing possible through reiki.

  • Reiki is also one of the best alternative healing methods.