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Friday, 10 May 2013
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  • Minal Bhalla
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    Look out for these signs to know if your child is being bullied...

  • Samay Rai
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    Found these really amazing books for preteens. Parents must give these to help them understand their bodies better.

  • Kanchi Kothari
    shared a photo in Preteens & Teens

    So true...Major teen issues are due to bad friend choices. With good company of friends, teens will have no problems.

  • sharmin kazi
    shared a photo in Preteens & Teens

    cyber bullying is a common issue faced by many teens and preteens. Here's how cyber bullying can cause distress so it is better to be aware and avoid such friendships

  • paper plate holder.. nice craft activity for older kids!

  • such a cool idea! take a pretty shoebox (or take a plain one and decorate it), add old toilet paper rolls in it, and use that to segregate pens, pencils, highlighters, markers, colour pencils, etc. for your kids study desk... great way to prevent your kid from wasting time looking for his stationery!

    Malti Shanker genius idea!!
    6 years ago

  • should kids be given pocket money? DEFINITELY! its the only way they will ever learn to manage their money responsibly. It will also teach them to respect the privileges they have been born into..

    Rani Nair yes true
    6 years ago

  • princess diaries series by meg cabot is amazing fun for slightly older kids! i love them myself and so does my daughter! the movies princess diaries and princess diaries 2 are based on these books. but i personally love the books much more! u should get your daughters to read at least the 1st book..and get them the rest only if thiey like this type of story telling...(its in diary form)

  • Parents should accept the mistakes of teens with love and proper understanding.

    Bhavendrasinh Rana Parents should accept the mistakes of teens with love and proper understanding
    6 years ago

  • Fathers should take place of a friend in a teenage son’s life.

  • Parents should try to develop friendly relationship with preteens and teens.

  • Raising teens and preteens is difficult.

  • Parents should not put pressure on preteens and teens if they don’t do well in exams.

  • Preteens and teens love to experiment with new gadgets and gizmos.

  • Teens should get good environment for their right development.

  • It is important to take care of teen’s health.

  • It is not good to pressurise teens.

  • Teens should grow in company of good friends.

  • It is important to encourage Teens to study.

  • Preteenage and teenage are important phases of child’s development.