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Wednesday, 26 June 2013
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  • Abhishek Bhartiya
    shared a photo in Phobias

    It is better to get over phobias and live life peacefully. just a strong determination is hwat is needed.

  • Sonia Roy
    shared a photo in Phobias

    sounds so absurd that one can have a fear of bathing or washing...

  • Neerav Joshi
    shared a photo in Phobias

    Does anybody has fear of white...I never knew this phobia exists.

  • This is quite a news. All these phobias are in top ten. I thought that only I had a weird phobia but there are other weird phobias out there.

  • My brother has a phobia of spiders. He really screams whenever he sees one, even common house spiders. sometimes he becomes the center of attraction for his drama.

  • Lot of people can stay lonely but some people do have phobia of loneliness.

  • Do people also cope with phobias of mirror?

  • Phobias can make you mentally weak.

  • Most women have phobia of cockroaches.

  • Phobias make life worse.

  • It is difficult to live with phobias.

  • Phobias and fears may make you look like a fool.

  • It is possible to overcome phobia.

  • Phobia of insects is the worst feeling.

  • How to overcome phobia of dark.

  • Phobia of falling from chair...the funniest phobia.

  • Everyone copes with some kind of phobia or the other.