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Other Hobbies & Interests

Hobbies and Interests
Thursday, 27 June 2013
Group Admin

  • This quote really holds true!!!

  • Hobbies help me to tide over boredom and do something worthwhile. It gives me peace. This quote holds true for me....

  • Angelina Jolie has a weird hobby. she loves collecting daggers. Wondering how many are in her collection?

  • My biggest hobby is electronics! i follow all inventions in the field avidly! just see some of these electronics and you'll all be as hooked as i am!

    Dhwani Singh The Panomo Camera Ball sounds amazing! But who has the guts to throw a camera, right?
    6 years ago 1

  • Recycling Simple Plastic Bottles into Vases - pretty easy and cheap! cut pepsi/sprite bottles midway, stick an old CD to the mouth of the bottle and spray paint them with a nice mettalic colour.. so much prettier than those ugly plastic pots you get at bhuleshwar or crawford market!

    Manav Talwar just throw them away
    5 years ago

  • I love food decoration. It is my hobby and I have been doing it since many years. Turning simple food into something different is an art. Here I have turned an apple into shrek....loved by kids.

  • whatever you are interested in, go do it! dont worry about it taking up too much of you time....because......

    Kaumi Sharma So true!
    6 years ago 1

  • Exploring sea is my favourite hobby.

  • What a wonderful sky-cycling experience.

  • Aero-modelling is an extraordinary hobby.

  • Musical hobbies add charm to life.

  • Sky diving is a wonderful experience.

  • It is wonderful to observe nature closely.

  • Wonderful hobby to spend time on weekends.

  • Amazing sight for exploring painting hobby.

  • I love spending time with my guitar.

  • Playing lacrosse is my favourite hobby.

  • I love boating.

  • Knitting is a wonderful hobby and a good way to keep yourself busy.