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Thursday, 27 June 2013
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  • hahahaha HILARIOUS!

    Manthan Choksi hahahahaha
    5 years ago

  • This is the Sony SmartWatch 2. Price - Rs. 14,990. Sony is claiming that it will help the users to receive every notification from the smartphone. It will also help in controlling the functionality of the phone. Access to notifications like that the calls, messages, Calendar, Facebook, Twitter and other social networking updates, emails are available on this device. How cool!!!

  • 'Phone x Phone' turns your iPhone into something old fashioned. Saw it here:

  • Of 50 Top Global Car Models, 22 are sold on India! which one do you have?

  • mobile keyboard! awesome! can type and do work from phone with this! love technology dude!

    Siya Gandhi how cool is that!
    6 years ago

  • Have never seen such unique speakers!! man! would i love to have these!!!

    Manthan Choksi wow! looks amazing! oh man i want one of these! any idea which company they are or how much they cost?
    6 years ago 1

  • Which company provides the best computers and technology?

  • Technology is power.

  • Technology and computers are used in every field.

  • Why shouldn’t we optimise the use of computer in technology in our lives?

  • Technology helps us to succeed in life.

  • We cannot live without using technology these days.

  • Each day there is a new invention in technology.

  • What kind of technology is this?

  • Laptops are cool, but tabs are even cooler.

  • Amazing technology makes work easier.

  • People around the world have come closer due to computers and technology.

  • Knowledge of computers and technology is a must in today’s age.