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Love, Marriage and Relationships
Thursday, 27 June 2013
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  • Mariam Dsouza
    shared a photo in Dating

    When going on a date, men should also take out some time for dressing up. They should be impressive. I feel as it is for women, men also have to look presentable on a date.

  • Sonia Roy
    shared a photo in Dating

    Falling short of dating ideas? Sharing with you some fun things that you could do on your date

  • Minal Bhalla
    shared a photo in Dating

    Cute one but so true...First date is more like an interview, trying to find out about each other.

  • planning to give my love a ring on her birtday.. i think i can make it special by getting a cake like this made and putting the ring in it.. what say? good idea na?

    Narendra n Which type of ring u give? If u r giving a ring, on that ring write ur and her name 1st letters mix it nd give...
    6 years ago

  • real love...

    Naina Doshi true that..
    6 years ago 1

  • something to think about...

    ASHISH SINGH where there is love there is a fight
    6 years ago

  • good thing to keep in mind..

    Raghu Raj i dont know if we can decide on the basis of the above quote,,,,,,....when it happens it happens and we cant control the consequences......
    6 years ago

  • Great for Valentines Day....Heart-shaped Chocolate Strawberries! Should try them this year!

  • dating tips 101! women should notice this in a first date!

    mukul joshi Amish, this is what Mariam is telling. she has used the word "person" & not "man"...i think u missed this.
    6 years ago

  • Falling in love once again after a break up....feeling very happy. It seems like I have been given a new lease of life.

    *** hungry root cause for breaking heart is "love" & medicine for broken heart is again "love"
    6 years ago

  • I am in love......I sum up my feelings with these lines.

    mukul joshi it's nice to be in love Barkha, but don't give your control to others- so change your poem's last line....How can I not love you when you love me unconditionally....
    6 years ago

  • 3

    Arushi Sahai aww.. so true.. love you my jaan..
    6 years ago

  • dating means togetherness....sharing brings closeness...

  • What a beautiful place to spend time with partner.

  • I want to go to silent and peaceful place with my partner.

    Faisal Shah nice dating
    6 years ago

  • Love at first it?

  • What can a date end-up into?

  • Wonderful couple on a dinner date.

  • Who would like friends interfering in a date?

  • How about an ice-cream date?