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Newly Married

Love, Marriage and Relationships
Thursday, 27 June 2013
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  • Dev Singh
    shared a photo in Newly Married

    so true...being married requires adjustments and lots of love. Both the partners have to make adjustments for a successful relationship.

  • Dhyaan Arora
    shared a photo in Newly Married

    Never going to see tears in your eyes....will do whatsoever it takes to keep you smiling forever...

  • Dhyaan Arora
    shared a photo in Newly Married

    So true...with relationships now being fragile, this quote holds true

  • for newly married couples or gifts - Mr. & Mrs. Custom Pillow with Wedding Date. I love this!!

  • what a brilliant idea! obviously every newly married couple is going to put up photos of their wedding at at least one place.. instead - do this! dedicate a wall to sharing your love. Get these MR. and MRS. made up and buy the same shade's photo frames.. put up photos of your wedding, honeymoon, etc.. but just your photos... its so cute!

    Arushi Sahai great idea!!
    6 years ago

  • my husband can get so annoying. he is so messy..we just had a huge fight.. when i fight , the photo is my thoughts exactly!

    Neel Rajendra NICE
    5 years ago

  • Together for eternity...newly married couple are very much in love that shows through their eyes.

  • Happy newly married couple.

  • Truly made for each other newly married couple.

  • Wonderful picture of a newly married couple.

  • Cute newly married couple.

  • Marriages are made in heaven.

  • Proper understanding from the side of husband as well as wife is required in a married life.

    raju arora nice photo
    6 years ago

  • An ideal Indian newly married couple.

    Karthik Karu nice couple
    6 years ago

  • Dream of every married couple is to have their own big house.

  • Made for each other...

  • Just married...

  • Life changes after marriage.

  • We are newly married couple and have delayed our honeymoon, please suggest some wonderful international honeymoon destinations.