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Love, Marriage and Relationships
Thursday, 27 June 2013
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  • Priyanka Mehta
    shared a photo in Divorcees

    Relationships have become so fragile. Minor issues can lead to a divorce. Found this worth sharing; some common reasons of divorce. Abusive relationship always ends in divorce

  • Neha Francis
    shared a photo in Divorcees

    so true for all those in unhappy marriages

  • If you're going through something tough right now, there's about to be a breakthrough. Hang in there!

  • Divorcees this is my motto today...inspirational for people like us!

  • It is better to end marriage than being in loveless relationship. When marriage is all about hurt and pain, it is better to end it.

    shan renu it sometimes yes..but..wen v r alone ..dat feels u know sex is desirable by evryone..
    5 years ago

  • Always keep scope for saving your marriage.

  • Sometime children blame themselves for the separation of their parents, so parents should be careful.

  • Divorce can create bad impact on the minds of children and affect their development.

  • Proper understanding is required amongst couples to prevent relationship from ending-up into divorce.

  • Getting divorced becomes important sometimes for ending abusive relationships.

  • Divorces ruin the lives of the couples.

  • Fights are common in couples but should not end-up in divorce.

  • Reconsideration is very essential before getting divorced.

  • Separation is very difficult for not only couples, but also the child.

  • Divorce affects children the most.

  • Parents should try to save their marriages as much as possible for nothing else but their children.

  • Divorce can create havoc in child’s life.

    Raj ForU I agree with u dear Sujata........
    6 years ago