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Thursday, 27 June 2013
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  • Dev Singh
    shared a photo in Weddings

    Sindhi wedding rituals are simple. This picture shows the welcoming of bride into her new home (husband's home). This ritual is simply superb.

  • Priyanka Mehta
    shared a photo in Weddings

    I am interested in knowing different wedding customs. Can someone please tell me the significance of this wedding ritual? In which part of the country is this ritual followed?

  • Naaz Haashmi
    shared a photo in Weddings

    In Bohra weddings, the priest reads the nikkah and recites passages of solemnization, during which the bride's father holds the groom's hand. I love this ritual.

  • I like the custom of applying sindoor after all the rituals of wedding is solemnised. IY gives a feeling of love, bonding and closeness.

  • what beautiful decor for a wedding function.. sober and elegant!

  • what a pretty cake.. my brother's gettin married in august.. love this indian styled cake - just with different colours.. maybe red and white or red and silver/gold..

  • What do you think of the look guys? Do you think its too gawdy? Can a bride opt for open hair on her D day? Please share your views. I am confused.

  • I always dream of a white looks so pure and blissful.

  • The most amazing thing is the wedding Dance in Indian weddings.

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    bhar ke nach le
    plta de dun or ulta de chaal

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  • Mehndi is an inseparable part of Indian Weddings.

  • Very nice wedding Joda.

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    6 years ago

  • Indian weddings are amazing.

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  • I like the custom of seven rounds ‘saath pheras’ taken in Hindu weddings.

  • Beach wedding is a choice of many couples.

  • Hindu wedding customs are the best.

  • Waiting for this wonderful wedding moment.

  • Special wedding rings make weddings special.

  • Beautiful wedding rings.

  • Nice wedding costumes.

  • I am planning to have a beach wedding.