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Monday, 30 November -0001
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  • Priyanka Mehta
    shared a photo in Grandparents

    Grandparents raising grandchildren is not unique. Many kids are raised by their grandparents. Here are some prominent personalities who were raised by their grandparents

  • Zubi khan
    shared a photo in Grandparents

    Cute card made for grandparents. I love this idea and am sure that grandparents would be loving this too.

  • such a sweet little message to gift grandparents. my wife decided to gift this to both sets of grandparents this on our child's first birthday..

  • foods that are elders should eat to prevent or reduce the bad effects of arthritis..

  • I really love my grandparents. I have very fond memories with this photograph. I was crying for a toy when my grandparents came an hugged me. I forgot the toy and was happy with them. Do share some anecdotes...

    Amish Vora so sweet
    6 years ago

  • A hug to my grandmom who is no more, she would have loved to see me where I am today.

  • Doing craft activities with grandchildren is a fun way to spend time.

    Deleted user. yes that is good
    6 years ago

  • My bonding with my grandfather was too strong; he used to appreciate me a lot.

  • My grandparents used to adore me a lot.

  • Kids make lives of grandparents interesting.

  • My child loves spending time with his grandparents.

  • Cute grandparents with cute granddaughter.

  • Listing stories from grandparents is a wonderful childhood experience.

  • Grandparents love their grandchildren more than their children.

  • Love of grandparents is precious.

    Nagabhushan Bankolli Experance of grand parents need to us

    6 years ago

  • I miss my grandmom and the food she used to make was amazing.

  • Grandparents are blessing for grandchildren.