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Women’s Issues

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Women’s Issues

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Friday, 28 June 2013
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  • Sonia Roy
    shared a photo in Women’s Issues

    Even after so much talk about equality, there is still discrimination against women. They are always at the receiving end.

  • Sonia Roy
    shared a photo in Women’s Issues

    Really alarming data. Most rape are committed by known persons. We need to be careful and go by our instincts.

  • Swapna Jadhav
    shared a photo in Women’s Issues

    I care for women safety issues as we have equal right in everything. Not only working women but housewives are also not absolutely safe in today's times. Sharing with you the tips for self defense

  • LOL!

  • thought this may be an issue that a lotta u face.. i do...i have so many scars from falling, burning myself, cutting myself accidently and so on.. hope this helps all those clumsy women like me out here! ;-)

    JUBILA FERNANDO That's really helpful
    6 years ago

  • Strict punishment should be given to those who abuse women. We must come forward for this cause.

  • Society should learn to respect every woman.

  • Women should be empowered to fight injustice against her.

  • Programmes should be undertaken to educate village women.

  • Protecting women is the duty of the society.

  • Women power is amazing; men should not consider women weak.

  • Women’s issues should be handled carefully by society.

  • All social evils caused to women can be eradicated if women come together to fight against it.

  • Employment programmes will help development of women.

  • Do not underestimate power of women.

  • Women should come forward to take part in women empowerment programmes.

  • Women living in villages should be empowered.