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Social Causes

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Friday, 28 June 2013
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  • Krishna Parikh
    shared a photo in Social Causes

    It pains me when I find a child toiling hard instead of enjoying his childhood. Really innocence lost ...rooting for stopping child labour

  • Kanchi Kothari
    shared a photo in Social Causes

    Gender discrimination is an issue close to my heart. There is discrimination everywhere around us and nobody cares about it. Education is the most important tool for ending this.

  • Dhwani Singh
    shared a photo in Social Causes

    If any cause is highlighted in any of the social medias, then it gets a boost and is sure to be heard and action is taken.

  • Minal Bhalla
    shared a photo in Social Causes

    I love this advertisement as I have a soft heart for stray dogs. With so many strays, we need to give them a home instead of adopting high breeds.

  • rfsf

  • Dont hesitate to show a little kindness and support.. You dont know how much that means to the recipient!

  • Making children part of social causes.

  • Go green for saving our planet earth.

  • Sports are a good way of raising funds for poor.

  • Not only women but also men should take part in social causes for women.

  • Children should be encouraged to be part of social causes if possible.

  • Live and let others live peacefully.

  • One person can’t but together we can bring about a change.

  • Good action taken by government to set-up medical camps, it should be implemented in India too.

  • It is high time to save our planet earth so each one should be part of social causes for environment.

  • United we stand divided we fall.

  • We should always be alert and be self defensive against social injustice.

  • We should raise our voice together against social injustice.