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Friday, 28 June 2013
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  • Saleha Naaz
    shared a photo in Social Life

  • Naaz Haashmi
    shared a photo in Social Life

    Best way to improve social life is by following the tips that I have shared. This is better than being active on social networking sites.

  • Manthan Choksi
    shared a photo in Social Life

    Social life is now restricted to online friends. We are more concerned about the likes we get for pictures and the comments on them rather than actual friendships.

  • Simran Jain
    shared a photo in Social Life

    Kids are now more into social sites to increase their social life. There should be a balance. This picture aptly states the balance as it should be.

  • Simran Jain
    shared a photo in Social Life

    Social life is life full of fun and making friends

    Saleha Naaz very true
    6 years ago
  • Palak Dalvi
    shared a photo in Social Life

    It is better to have a real social life than virtual social life....I think a balance has to be maintained.

  • didnt know our colas contain so much sugar! need to stop drinking it like water!

  • Always rememebr the 5 W's of good living..

    Sarbani Gupta nice thought.. inspirational...
    6 years ago

  • words to live by!

  • Maxis are so in vogue right now! they can be worn in such different ways also for all types of occasions - formal and casual.. See the different ways to wear a maxi.. great ideas!

  • apparently your shape of face is very important in choosing your eyeglasses.. this should help you understand what frames will best suit your faces!

    Ei Siddhesh cool........
    6 years ago

  • do you know all the forks and spoons and what they're to be used for..i didnt so looked it up.. sharing it here..

    Sumit Chavhan much needed information for socially awkward people like me! Thanks!
    6 years ago

  • so true!

  • such a basic idea to gift someone something tat looks uniquely presented!

  • Meeting friends after a long time is wonderful.

  • You must join dance classes to spend time as well as make friends.

  • Which is best pub in Mumbai?

  • Having too many friends make your life wonderful.

    Nisha jain M 100% agree that ltz frnd make life wonderful but most imp iz hw many true frnds there
    6 years ago

  • It’s awesome to spend time with friends.

  • Need some ideas on outing with friends.