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Tuesday, 27 August 2013
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  • Latika Singh
    shared a photo in Junior Achievers

    Proud of our young achievers. They have really done India proud on a world platform. Sharing with you the picture of Vinayak who won 250 Award & Prizes. He is the youngest Karnatak Classical Vocalist

  • Kids who are super achievers are gifted. Master Truptraj Pandya is truly a super achiever as he is the record holder for being the youngest Tabla player. I want my child to be an achiever.

    sanjeev jain nice.......
    6 years ago

  • Recently a 13 year old girl named Arushi did an amazing invention on Tetra pack with medications for diarrhea for kids which for rural masses...cheers to her achievements....her invention will save lots of lives.

    Sunny Kumar nice
    7 years ago

  • What is the right age for kids to start learning cello?

    Dhiraj Jha I think 2 years...
    6 years ago

  • In today's age children can master anything and everything.

  • Can children who are good in studies do well in sports and games?

    Swapna Jadhav obviously. U simply have to remember to guide them towards what they seem most interested in. allow enough time to enjoy their interests..
    7 years ago

  • How to help kids achieve in academics.

  • I want to make my child an achiever in badminton sport. Which are the good badminton academies in Mumbai?

    Malti Shanker You can just send him to any club. They all have badminton coaches for kids. Then once he knows the basics, you can shift to more higher coach. I know Mafatlal bath, cci, nsci, wiaa all have great coaches..
    6 years ago

  • My kid is expert in Karate but he ignores studies. Should he only focus on studies?

  • Parents play an important role in helping kids to become achievers.

  • Smart kid with inborn intelligence...

    Swapna Jadhav adorable!!
    7 years ago

  • Achievers in science and technology will help nation to progress...

  • My child is very good at Maths but she is poor in other subjects...I want to know how to make her into an achiever in all subjects.

  • Every child should learn to play good exercise for brain.