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Working Moms

Monday, 30 November -0001
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  • Sweta Yadav
    shared a photo in Working Moms

    balancing work and home is the mantra for a working woman

  • Ishika Seth
    shared a photo in Working Moms

    So true!!! Working moms need to be mentally and physically strong to take up the challenge of managing home and kids while working.

  • So True...working moms always have a guilt feeling and fathers do not have such feelings.

  • lol so wanna do this!

  • These words will help us progress better at work..

  • Stress Less - Why and How - see in this infographic..

  • wow..didnt know i was worth so much! proud to be a working mom!

  • Working from home can be made interesting with some changes in decor. Incorporating some colour can enhance the mood and increase work efficiency. Transform work area in your home with same dash of pink.

  • Working from home with a small baby is not easy but sometimes its the only way out.

  • Is it easy to work from home or work full time for women who have kids?

  • Working moms do an amazing job of managing kids and home.

  • Working mothers do lot of hard work to look after their homes as well as support husband financially.

    Sauda Hussein It become a huge burden to working moms as they have to balance both sides baby/work in very limited time, sometimes we find yourself fail somewhere
    6 years ago

  • Working moms have to do innumerable tasks.

  • Working mothers need a balanced mind.

  • Work or kids? Kids are off-course more important than work.

  • How do working moms mange time for their own selves from their busy schedules?

    Pranav Gandotra busy all time
    6 years ago

  • Working moms raise smart kids.

  • Life of working moms is hectic.

    Neetu Taj No if you set yourself and your kids into a routine I feel every one will be comfortable and the kids will know what to expect also
    6 years ago

  • Is working from home a convenient option from a reimbursement point of view?

  • How do working moms walk the fine line of parenting?