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Health, Wellness and Spirituality
Wednesday, 26 June 2013
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  • Naaz Haashmi shared a video in Cancer group.
    5 years ago

    Some food have healing powers. If taken regularly, they can even cure cancers. Try this food diet along with proper medications.

    Heal All Cancer With This Diet

    Tom Fisher had stage 4 cancer and was given a 40% chance to live more than 5 years. He learned about the raw food diet and 13 years later he is...

  • Kiran Bhavsar shared a video in Cancer group.
    5 years ago

    Cancer prevention is better than cure. Simple steps can help prevent cancer. Fruits and vegetable can help in prevention of cancer. Watch this video.

    Quick, Easy Cancer Prevention Tips

    Sign up for our newsletter! Cancer is not necessarily something that just happens to us. We have enormous power and control...