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    Ragi is considered as the “Super Food” mainly for growing babies. Sprouted ragi are extremely nutritious for the overall growth and development of the baby. It's advisable to include sprouted ragi in the daily meal of the baby. Ragi contains a high amount of proteins, calcium, and iron. After your babies complete 7 months, you can start to feed powdered ragi in their meal.
    It strengthens the bones, muscles, and brain development. Sprouting the ragi helps in decreasing the fat content and helps to convert the dense ragis protein into simpler form for easy digestion as the baby has a delicate system. Before introducing any new foods to babies diet better consult your doctors.
    Benefits of Ragi for babies
    •Sprouted ragi are extremely nutritious and healthy for babies.
    •Ragi powder provides an adequate amount of energy and prevents babies from malnutrition.
    •Ragi power keeps the little tummy full for a long time than other foods.
    •It improves the production of blood and prevents the babies from calcium deficiency.
    •Sprouted ragi porridges enhance the immune system for the baby.
    Try to include sprouted ragi powders in every meal of the baby. To make it more delicious you can add fruit or vegetable purees to the ragi powder to feed your baby. Read More...


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