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  • Ashima Alok
    started a thread in Single Parents

    Hey Guys ,,,

    I have been thinking od writing this for quite some time now since I got in the tag from a Parent to a Single Parent ... What was different ,, I asked myself - Nothing ,,, came in the reply ... but there was something majorily different .. looked like I had been diagnosed with a life threatening disease - the way the neighbourhood , the local shopkeepers , the usual friendly mall shopping executives were treating me ....

    Once while in a park ,, one elderly neighbourhood aunty asked my 3 year old " what does your father do " to which she replied " I don't have a father " and the aunty was shocked which turned to despair which further turned to sympathy which ended in finalising my child's future - hai Bechari , kya karegi ,,, kaise shaadi hogi "

    wow ... is it that bad guys .. ..

    I for one seriously beg to differ here .. in the last 5 years that I have been a single parent after losing my husband to cancer ,,, I feel not only me but my child has come up as an emotionally strong child ,,, something which I feel would have taken years in a proper family setting. The way we bond in together ,, discussing life and Death , discussing Boys n Girls , Discussing relationships and Love ....
    her thought process has not been influenced by so called tag " bechari "

    I feel we as single parents have the potential of being the change in the children , the future making them Good Emotionally Sound Human beings .

    Ashima
  • Ashima Alok
    replied to a thread in Single Parents

    I am single mother and lookin:confused:g for support for discussions on parenting as a single mother... Read More...
    Hey ,,
    Hi Everyone,

    I am also a single parent to a 7 year old girl and after looking out for quite some time to find a likeable group where I could share updates , get some much needed info on the day to day issues faced in raising my kids ,,, where I can discuss my insecurities and hurdles without being judged - ironically in india .. such a support group is still a dream and the ones exist are there for quite a different reason ..

    As a result we got together with few like minded single parents and we have started a group of our own ... and for a difference we are many more females in the group then males ,, all of us are professionals and are aware of the line of respect which we all follow at all times.

    Inviting you all to be a part of our family :) and get the awareness around. Please feel free to connect in for any query.



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