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  • payal raval
    replied to a thread in Indian Culture and Occasions

    Which New Year’s resolutions should parents make? How can parents stick to their parenting resolutions? Can New Year’s resolutions help to improve parenting skills?
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    I am bad at keeping resolutions but for good parenting found this book useful- ABCs of parenting Had recd my copy from Orchids when I took admission.
  • payal raval
    replied to a thread in Celebrities

    How is Sachin Tendulkar as a father? Is it possible for celebrities to be a perfect parent? Can celebrities take time out from their hectic schedules for the kids? To read the related article, click here. Read More...
    A great cricketer and a wonderful dad for his kids! It is a wonderful gesture when he said in his interview that whenever he hits a century, he showed his bat towards the sky, honouring his dad. Honouring parents as long as we live is the lesson that we all must learn from him.
  • payal raval
    replied to a thread in Preschoolers

    It’s sad to see how these big chains have no way to check what happens in all their branches. The Euro Kids BTM Layout is one classic example-they have all fancy play equipment but sadly the kids are not allowed to play in them. When we asked the teacher she said they are very costly and so the owner has told them to not let the kids play in them too much. The same for the other stuff stated in the brochure like library books, computer time, water play and gym time. The kids are made to sit in front of the PC in the Principal’s office and watch some stuff and it’s called computer time. No hands on experience. Again when we asked the teacher why the answer was the same-it’s very costly and kids spoil computers and books! Why open a preschool if you don’t intend to allow them to touch anything? Open a Museum instead!

    The teachers are also not trained to handle little kids-the inexperience shows in the fact that they have no patience with kids. They have no Montessori training or Pre Primary Teacher training, NTT or other similar qualifications-just regular housewives or fresh graduates! It's not like they have many kids to handle-just 8-10 kids/class and they can't seem to handle even that much! Read More...
    I am quite surprised to read this review about Euro Kids BTM Layout. I think it is high time to shift your kid to another good school near BTM.
  • payal raval
    started a thread in Preschoolers

    What are the best international schools in Bangalore? Kindly give the location and other facilities available. Read More...


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