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  • vishesh shrivastava
    replied to a thread in Toddlers

    Being a parent sets a new responsibility and mentoring it adds a star to your profile named Life! Each day brings a new challenge and it’s a task for the soldier mom to rescue the child from situations he/she is facing. Whether it is a simple attempt to draw a line with crayon or a mission to finish food it takes a lot of patience for the parents to help a child accomplish his goal and clap in appreciation for him each time.
    There is a trend of working mothers in the society with the desire to build self esteem and help bringing up family, we work at different profiles outside our homes, but a major job profile still remains is of being a Mother.
    This designation demands a lot from an individual to have traits like loving; caring; creative – as your job can demand dressing food to dress your child in fun attire ; hard working – as you might have to start as early as 6 in the morning till 12 at night ; a good listener ; should be able to answer all questions asked ; Highly patient – this is a major point as your cute co –workers can make you go crazy the list is long and its great to excel in maximum traits :P
    Me being a working mom share wonderful moments with my 3.6yrs old boy, and what counts the best is Patience -The mantra to be happy mom, because a child can make you go nuts in seconds and all it helps you to stop being nasty to your little angel.
    They say ‘Silence is gold’ but it’s not applicable when your child is involved in an activity alone in a room…that can be a call for troubles too :).Engaging a child in various activities can help spare you from being a trigger of his Tantrums . I follow certain efforts to go along with my kid:
    • Crayons, drawing books and sometimes simple printouts of his favorite cartoons from internet can be a great help to make a child busy for hours.
    • Spoil your child by doing some finger /hand paintings – they love making mess with colors, and you never know they can create a master piece in the process. But make sure they wear old clothes while doing it as it will be a pain for you in cleaning the clothes
    • We get very conscious about our child getting dirty in mud while playing in a park, but we forget that we gain immunity from the mother earth and when all treatments fail in building up immunity in the child – doctors also ask to play in mud like sand pits. They a learn a lot too while playing in the sand, as they role play and work together this also provides an opportunity for story telling in the sand.
      Toddlers love the sand pit and will spend hours digging, building, scooping, carrying, molding, and scraping. There are dozens of great sand pit toys you can introduce, all of which help your child develop gross and fine motor skills. Playing in the sand provides opportunities for the children to develop their muscles when they dig, shovel, lift, carry, tunnel, and rake. These kinds of activities help develop the large muscles – gross motor. Pouring, sifting, molding, drawing, patting, and decorating all help exercise the smaller muscles – fine motor. Off course we should take care of the post play cleanliness of the child and avoid rainy seasons as it might give invitation to couple of bugs in the sand :)
    • Blocks are another way to see another ‘bob the builder’ in making in your own home…I see my child constructing His Eiffel Tower and making dinosaurs out of his colorful blocks. And you see his thoughts converted into his own virtual figures. But make sure the blocks are big enough to avoid accidents as you can expect anything from a child :P
    • Pretend play toys like Tools sets, doctor sets, and even kitchen sets can make your child pretend mending, curing and cooking jobs for you – each evening a new job for him.
    • Basket in the net –table top game, tumbling monkeys, hungry hippos, this and other board games like jig saw puzzles, activity books can be fun too
    • A basket ball net in the balcony can be a fun game for you and your child to spend time, which can easily be changed from throwing up making a basket to kicking it for a foot ball :)
    • Bat ball playing is the all-time favorites for children
    • Reading out stories from picture books too can be a good time pass, they learn a lot when you read out stories from the book and later can frame out their own from the pictures they see

    Gadgets like Tabs; smart phones, video games, televisions should be last in your list and should be used as a master weapon if nothing works out :)

    A budding flower needs protection from harsh winds similarly our children needs protection from this harsh world. Each day is a new learning experience for your kiddo…
    So be on your toes and enjoy this time of you and your kid’s life. Because this is not coming back and once they grow up, they will be too busy to spend time with you.
    luckily for me, my child loves reading. I give him books from my collection, sometimes he brings classics from his Orchids school library and thumbs through them quietly
  • vishesh shrivastava
    replied to a thread in Preschoolers

  • vishesh shrivastava
    replied to a thread in Reading & Books

    My son is just 5 yrs old but I would like him to read books so that he develops a reading habit. In our family, everybody loves reading but I do not know if my son would be able to have this habit. I feel that reading habit is the best gift a parent can give to the child. I know my son is too small, but still I want him to be fascinated by books. Which books can I start with for him? Read More...
    I ensure that I read a story aloud to my kid once a week to instill the interest in reading. Soon, he picked it up as the Orchids international school has a reading club where children are exposed to various books. I got few books from the club. A simple picture story book works wonders at the initial stage.
  • vishesh shrivastava
    replied to a thread in Preschoolers

    What are the best international schools in Bangalore? Kindly give the location and other facilities available. Read More...
    For pre-primary and primary, I feel Orchids school in Bangalore is doing an incredible job for the students. The events, curriculum and other activities shape every child to achieve excellence. There are articles about this school keep coming up to prove their unique approach to education.
  • vishesh shrivastava
    replied to a thread in Schoolgoers

    The last ten years has seen tremendous growth in the numbers of international schools in India and in particular, internationals schools in Mumbai. At a casual glance, we can ascertain that the reason behind this was the dissatisfaction with the state and national board schools, many from parents own personal experience of school. While international schools have become a popular choice for parents today, there are still many who are unsure of what are the exact benefits of having your child in one of them.
    To truly understand these schools we should look at the many positive things that they bring to the academic environment rather than make a comparison with the state and national schools (though some unavoidable comparisons will appear). The reason behind this is that many international systems have been in existence for a number of years or are following on from older traditions in modern forms. It is important to understand that none of these systems are reactionary systems and have been developed to provide quality education.

    1. Universally accepted certification: International schools offer universally accepted certification that ensures that your child does not miss out on any opportunities to study further. The certification boards are prestigious and maintain a high quality level and students that receive these certifications are held in high esteem by universities around the world.

    2. A global syllabus for a global world: Thanks to information technology and liberalised economies the world has gotten more familiar with itself than at any time before. This creates a compulsion to make sure that knowledge of the world goes beyond just a hobby. International school syllabuses are tailor made so that students understand the differences and similarities of the world and are able to understand people from everywhere beyond the realm of language.

    3. Multi-disciplinary syllabus: International schools offer a multi-disciplinary syllabus so students are under pressure to choose their specialised career paths at a young age. It also helps develop students that are proficient in a variety of knowledge bases that are beneficial in an environment where multi-speciality individuals are sought after in the working world.

    4. Low student-to-teacher ratio: International school classrooms are much smaller than classrooms in standard Indian schools. This allows teachers to have more personal time with each student so that they get the most out of their learning years.

    5. All-round education: Besides academics, international schools ensure that students also learn from a variety of non-academic subjects and programmes such as sports, dramatics, music and social service. All of these non-academic activities are important for the development of young, well adjusted and healthy minds. Read More...
    The students at International schools are not stressed unlike other schools. Their curriculum is designed in such a way to make learning a pleasurable experience. My son is also studying in an international school in Bangalore which follows CBSE syllabus.


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