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  • stutee saini
    replied to a thread in Celebrities

    What is the parenting style of Shahrukh Khan? How does Shahrukh Khan handle constant media focus as a parent? Is Shahrukh Khan able to spend quality time with his kids?
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    I am no SRK fan but he does get a thumbs up for protecting his kids from media and strangers. I ask my son regularly who goes to Orchids if he is being troubled by anyone at school.
  • stutee saini
    replied to a thread in Bangalore Parents

    Hello Parents,

    I am looking for school admission in Orchids School in Bangalore. Can anyone share your views if you have already taken admissions there...

    Thanks..
    Orchids international school encourages all the children equally because the student-to-teacher ratio is less where children get individual attention. It is easy for the teachers to monitor each child's progress. The school provides various opportunities for the children to learn and think in a different way. This is achieved by conducting events where some of the events involve parent's participation.


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