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  • Rahul Man
    replied to a thread in Phobias

    My son Siddharth who is 11 yrs old and studying in 6th std is having lot of behaviour problems in School as well as at Home.
    He has been very sensitive since childhood.

    He has a Phobia for sounds. for example: Cracker sounds, Lorry horns, Engine horn sounds etc.
    He automatically keeps his hands over his ears while walking on Roads or in a Railway station.
    We have taken him to a ENT SPECIALIST and his audiogram is fine and excellent.

    He is too sensitive that he starts crying for petty things and this has made other children make fun of him and make him cry.
    He gets tensed always when he misses his things such as Pen or I Card or any of his books which may be lying nearby him but he cannot locate them easily which we do because he lacks patience and in the process makes us also Tense in the busy mornings.

    His teachers also have complained to us of the same problem at school. Academically he was very good till last year, but now his marks during the 1st unit test have come down drastically and he has failed in 2 subjects. Though the teachers say that it is ok , as other students have also performed in the same way, but we are really upset with his current performance.
    We are really in a fix.

    Someone please give us some suggestions to deal with it. Read More...
    It s quite pshycological problm...i also observd n som childrs r feel fear 4 cookr sounds ,masjid prayer sound n heavy sounds.dis s nt a serious vl cure by counselling at matured age only..
  • Rahul Man
    posted in Phobias
    7 years ago

    It s one f da weaknes v develop wn v wer childrns dpnds on circumstances ..da way v view n understand da thng...if v try t understand all dis v com t knw,hw strong v r..n smile at us ourselves..dnt panic ,der s nthg t fear in dis world...evrythng s n our control..but v ve make gud decisions ,choices n understanding.

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