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  • Ruchi Sehgal
    replied to a thread in Preteens & Teens

    My son is having learning disorder. He is not able to memorize anything. He even has confusion among different letters. Can he become normal? Read More...
    Hi Piyush,
    With advancement in research and new available training, accepting labels, settling for low learning potential or simply compensating for the learning problems is no longer necessary. One simple test can find the cause of the problem and the right training can turn weakness into strong learning.

    Today brain training is available which has helped many students. check out www. brainrx. com
  • Ruchi Sehgal
    replied to a thread in Schoolgoers

    It seems like tuition and coaching classes have become more like a fashion statement. Everybody is sending the kids to some classes or the other. Education has become commercialized. I do not want to send my kids to tuition as I feel that I can help them in their studies. Am I doing the right thing? My friend says that my kids might be missing out the good things. Am confused, need parenting tips. Read More...
    After 10 years in the education industry and then next 2 years as an cognitive skills training. I have realized that tuition and/or coaching are a complete waste of time and money.For those who are disagree, before writing me off I would suggest you read the whole comment.

    If in a class of 30-40 students, even if 1 student understands what is being taught, logically, there should be no reason why the others should not understand. Yet, the reality is that there is a huge portion of the class that doesn't understand, while on the other hand some hand-picked students do. These students that do not understand in class then prefer taking tuitions and/or coaching.

    But isnt this treating the symptom rather than the cause?

    There was something that was causing some students not to understand whereas the others did. Tuitions might just at the most reinforce what was taught in class. Some students might just cram up things to get rid of it. This then not only increases stress levels of these students can also leads to other emotional disorders such as depression, low self esteem and low self confidence, etc.

    As my tenure as a cognitive skill trainer I noticed that a weak cognitive skill was the root cause. In almost all the cases, if these skills were developed these students not only started excelling in school without any tuitions but also became confident young teenagers.
  • Ruchi Sehgal
    replied to a thread in Preteens & Teens

    My son is having learning disorder. He is not able to memorize anything. He even has confusion among different letters. Can he become normal? Read More...
    A weak cognitive skill could be a cause of the problem. I would suggest you get your sons cognitive skill assessment done today!

    You can read up more about cognitive skills on:

    www. brainrx .com
  • Ruchi Sehgal
    replied to a thread in Preschoolers

    What causes shyness in children? What are the difficulties faced by children due to shyness? How to help children overcome shyness?
    To read the related article, click here.
    Sometimes, shyness is the result of a pervasive problem that may or may not exist outside the child’s control. Bullies, cliques or an overly critical parent or sibling can lead a child to devalue his/her worth and accomplishments. Look for ways to foster discussion with children to help determine the cause of their shyness. Questions like, “What makes you feel sad?” or “When was the last time you were mad?” may spark a conversation that leads to some discovery.

    One often-overlooked correlation is that shyness is often paralleled by low self-esteem due to slower (not lower) performance. While some may argue the “chicken or the egg theory” – that slow performance is a result of low self-esteem – scientists and psychologists now know that more often than not, self-esteem can be increased by increasing the speed at which results are attained. In fact, even smart kids tend to suffer a decrease of confidence when they don’t achieve their results (such as test-taking or homework) as quickly or easily as their classmates.

    During my tenure cognitive skills trainer in Abu Dhabi, I came across many such kids who were very shy at the beginning but by the end of the program they had gained a new level of confidence.

    I would suggest that your try the same for your child and get your child's cognitive skills assessment done.


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