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    replied to a thread in Schoolgoers

    How to encourage kids to have a glass of milk every day? How to include fruits in diet of kids? Which are the best milkshakes for kids?
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    The goodness of milk is enhanced more if it is made into a milkshake. Milkshake has fresh fruits which add to its nutrient value. A milkshake is a complete food in itself as it provides all essential nutrients required for the growth and also provides energy. As kids are always active, so they need to have drinks that provide them with energy. Milkshakes are best for this. Banana as a fruit has digestible sugars and provides instant energy so banana milkshake is good for growing children. It is not only nutritious but delicious too. It is fulfilling also. If a kid is unable to have breakfast early in the morning, then he or she could have banana milkshake. It is best to keep him or her full till lunch break in school.


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