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  • Usha Kothmire
    replied to a thread in Toddlers

    My toddler is not gaining weight what to do? Read More...
    Please check with a pediatrician. Check out for other growth factors as this could mean some sort of developmental delay. Check the diet, other behavioural symptoms that could be reasons of not gaining weight.
  • Usha Kothmire
    replied to a thread in Newborns & Babies

    Why do parents need information on various aspects of newborn care? How can parents find baby information? Which sources can parents trust for getting baby information? Read More...
    Parents can find baby information on websites and also books. books are a source of great help to parents as they provide complete information. the information in book is always trustworthy. Now information is also available at the click of a mouse. But one need to be careful while relying on online information. they are seldom checked and can't be trusted blindly.
  • Usha Kothmire
    replied to a thread in Expecting Parents

    What are the causes of fatigue and tiredness during pregnancy? How to deal with fatigue and tiredness during pregnancy? How to prevent fatigue and tiredness during pregnancy?
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    During pregnancy, especially in the first trimester, a lot of energy is used for the development of the baby. Due to so much expenditure of energy, it is common to feel fatigued and tired so a healthy diet is very important. Along with this, the surge of pregnancy hormones cause mood changes and this also leads to a low feeling. The metabolism increases during pregnancy but sugar levels and blood pressure is low and due to this there is dizziness or feeling of tiredness. All the symptoms ease in the second trimester but again come back in the last trimester when the growing baby puts pressure and there is problem in sleeping.


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