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  • Simba Sharma
    replied to a thread in Family Health

    What are the causes of fever in children? How to prevent fever in children? What are the symptoms of fever in children?
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    But why small children are vulnerable to these diseases.
    Cold and cough has become something that attacks my kid every month and is there for a week , so ideally every 3rd or 4th week my child is down with mild fever and cold.
  • Simba Sharma
    replied to a thread in Kitchen Talk

    Dear friends,

    I am planning to upgrade my kitchen utensils to healthier ones. Please suggest as which metal is good viz., steel, copper, aluminium etc.

    thanks in advance.
    Steel is the best quality for cooking and also is healthiest . The double coated utensils get heated faster and are easy to cook and and clean . Try the ones of Aditya Birla company prestige too have them.

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