About US

Who We Are

Launched in April 2012, YippeeClubs is India’s first interest and issue based social network. It is owned and operated by India Parenting Pvt. Ltd. which also runs Indiaparenting.com. Indiaparenting.com - launched in the year 1999 was founded by Mrs. Nirali Sanghi and has over the years become India’s largest parenting website, attracting millions of visitors due to its rich content, credibility and principles.

What YippeeClub is All About

YippeeClubs is one of its kind social networking site and apart from standard social networking features such as sharing of photos, videos and making friends, the site also allows users to join ‘clubs’ which are groups based on a particular interest or issue.

YippeeClubs.com offers more than 600 clubs spanning 5 main categories: Lifestyles, Love & Relationships, Parenting, Health & Interests/Sports & Hobbies.

“The use of social media is rapidly increasing. While there are existing platforms that offer people a place to interact socially, there is an absence of a platform that enables people to connect with people who share similar interests or issues. For instance, if you are fond of sky diving or jazz music or Bengali cooking, how would you connect with others like you in India? Similarly, if you are facing a serious health or family issue, where would you be able to find others in the same situation? That’s where YippeeClubs.com comes in.” said Nirali Sanghi, Founder & Promoter of YippeeClubs.

Unique Features of YippeeClubs

YippeeClubs.com also offers parents an opportunity to record and share their children’s milestones, achievements, funny stories, photos, videos and even their growth, height and weight charts. Apart from keeping abreast with friends’ updates, users will also get updates about children in their friends’ network.

To sum it up for you, YippeeClubs is about all the positive aspects of various issues revolving around our lives that were, are and can be brought forth through people to people relationships

About IndiaParenting.com

Launched in May 1999, IndiaParenting.com was one of the early movers on India's Internet scene. The site, which started as a content and information site, has now expanded beyond content and aims to be a destination platform for parents.

IndiaParenting is the largest website for parents and close to 1.5 million people visit the website on a monthly basis. IndiaParenting has won numerous national and international awards, including the prestigious Britannica award.

Some of our sponsors include Johnsons & Johnson, Fisher Price, Nestle, Pediasure, Cadbury, CordLife, Lifecell, Aviwa, ICICI, Max New York Life and many more.


The site is a veritable storehouse of information related to all aspects of parenting. There are over 60 channels that offer depth of information addressing issues ranging from conceiving a baby, pregnancy and newborn care to IQ development, manners & discipline, harnessing creativity, child's healthcare and a lot more. It offers complete guidelines on raising children, making them aware of the rich cultural heritage and traditions of India. Parents get a chance to familiarize children with Indian nursery rhymes, Indian prayers of different religions, Indian epics, stories of great Indian leaders etc.

Interactive Tools:

Apart from educating themselves through the comprehensive information on the site, parents can also use interactive tools like Ovulation Calculator, Due Date Calculator, Baby Name Finder, Lucky Names, Lucky Birthdates, Kids Weight Calculator, Vaccination Reminder and many more for making their parenting journey enjoyable.


Besides information, the site also fosters community interaction through its wide range of discussion boards and forums. For example, discussion boards based on due date of delivery help expecting parents interact with other couples also expecting babies in the same month.