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Hair Care

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Hair Care

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Wednesday, 26 June 2013
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Time for a Change

Want to reinvent yourself? When it’s time for a change, just a few snips in the right places can give you a completely new look. A different hairstyle can add spice to your life. So how should you go about to change your appearance? Read on to more

Hair Care

Hair care is the first step of looking beautiful naturally. Washing your hair at the scalp is an important aspect of hair care. What are the basics of hair care? What is best way to wash out shampoo? Find out about more on hair care and healthy-hair more

Falling Hair

Falling hair causes a lot of distress. By knowing the reasons for falling hair it is possible to prevent hair fall. Healthy scalp is the prerequisite for healthy hair. Learn about some quick hair air max one air max bw air max tn christian loubou more

How to choose a right hair colour

Hair colouring is one of the best ways of changing your looks to a more stylish one. The process of selecting a hair colour is not as simple as it sounds but our tips for choosing a right hair colour will help you to find the perfect hair colour. Rea more

How to condition your hair

Conditioning hair has immense benefits besides imparting a shine. It is an important step in taking care of your hair. Find out the benefits of conditioning hair and how you can cope with damaged hair with proper steps for conditioning hair. loubouti more

Hair and Age

Hair and age are related. The appearance of your hair tells a lot about your age. Nourishing your hair and a change in hairstyle can take away years from your face. Find out how a hair cut can make you look younger.


Bored of your straight hair or curly hair? Get a different hairstyle with bangs. Bangs are a great way to jazz up your look. Find out the various styles in bangs and how to trim your bangs at home by yourself. louboutin uk longchamp pliage pas cher c more

Get rid of dandruff

Get rid of dandruff for a healthy scalp and hair by following the natural ways to cure dandruff. Remedies to get rid of dandruff naturally are not only effective but also beneficial for hair. Know about the causes of dandruff and the solutions to cur more

Colouring Hair During Pregnancy

Is colouring hair during pregnancy a safe option? Can hair dyes and hair colours harm the baby? When you are pregnant for nine months, these questions are bound to come up in your minds. Find out the facts about hair colour and facial bleach during p more

Premature Greying of Hair

Do you know what causes premature graying of hair? Can you prevent early greying of hair? Here are some tips to cope with problem of grey hair and promoting health of the hair. Read on and also find out the ideal remedy for greying of hair. nike ai more

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