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Skin Care

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Wednesday, 26 June 2013
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It's About Honey, Honey!

Honey can be said to be the elixir of beauty. It has miraculous properties that make it a treat for health and beauty. Learn about the healing properties of honey and how to use honey as a beauty aid. louboutin uk shoes scarpe nike louboutin outlet

10 Benefits of Turmeric for a Beautiful and Clear Skin

After knowing the benefits of turmeric, you will be using it more often to have beautiful and clear skin. Turmeric pastes helps to get rid of unwanted hair and also fights with ageing skin. Know more about the wonder benefits of turmeric which is an more

Pimple S.O.S

What do you do when you see a pimple on your face? How to get rid of the overnight zit congregation? Find out what causes a pimple and ways to get rid of that zit. Learn about the cleansing routine of your face. louis vuitton pas cher christian loub more

Beauty Tips for Dark Lips

Dark lips are a serious beauty issue. Home remedies to deal with dark lips help to get rid of dark lips safely and naturally. If you want to make your lips lighter, then read about the tips and advices for preventing dark lips.

All about Facial Acupuncture Skin Treatment

Have you heard about facial acupuncture? Do you know the benefits of facial acupuncture? Facial acupuncture is the latest in skin treatment which helps to take off age from your face and remove the wrinkles. Get your facts about facial acupuncture ri more

Beauty Tips for Lips

Maintain the beauty of the lips with a proper lip care regimen. You can get the kind of lips you desire with lip makeup. Find out beauty tips for lips and how to give the finishing touch to your lip makeup. Read on.

Orange Peel Skin

Cellulite or orange peel skin is the most common skin problem affecting both men and women. People who have cellulite have dimpled fat below your waist level. Find out the reason behind cellulite formation, kinds of cellulite and ways to prevent oran more

Gloss It Up!

Gloss is the most underutilized cosmetic. A touch of shimmer to your eyelids or applying a little gloss on your eyebrows can transform you into a style diva. Find out some ways by which you can look great without wearing any makeup but with just a to more

Delay The Onset of Wrinkles

Can you delay the onset of wrinkles naturally? Yes, it’s possible with simple ingredients from your kitchen. Take years off your face with simple beauty tips. Learn ways to delay the onset of grey hair and combat wrinkles. longchamp sac pas ch more

Beauty Tips for Summer

Summer is a time to take extra care of skin and hair so as to prevent lot of skin and hair problems. Skin care tips for summers include taking care of protection from sun rays and heat. Find out the beauty tips for taking care of your skin and hair i more

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