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Monday, 30 November -0001
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  • Malti Shanker
    shared a photo in Kitchen Talk

    So true! How we cook determines what we are getting

  • Priyanka Mehta
    shared a photo in Kitchen Talk

    Just read these amazing tips and sharing with you. Every homemaker should be aware of these tips as they are basics.

  • Sweta Yadav
    shared a photo in Kitchen Talk

    I found this egg separator so will separate the egg yolk in a jiffy without any hassles and is a great addition to kitchen

    Vera Monteiro whr did u get this frm? luks interesting
    5 years ago
  • Ishika Seth
    shared a photo in Kitchen Talk

    Loved this way of keeping things in kitchen. This saves a lot of space and also gives a new feel to the kitchen; a trendy look.

  • Desserts can be healthy and tasty at the same time. This one is very tasty and perfect even for fussy eaters. It is made of Strawberry, Raspberry and blueberries in yoghurt dip.

  • Oreo Pops - very simple.. Insert a lollipop stick inside an oreo, dip it in white chocolate, add sprinkles and let dry.. easy peasy! and yummy!!

  • Watermelon cake. Looks delicious and easy enough to make.. cut out the watermelon as shown in the picture, frost it with icing (you can buy readymade pillsbury vanilla icing or make your own butter - sugar - vanilla essence icing), and garnish with fruits! what a genius idea!

    Krishna Parikh what a brilliant healthy idea!
    6 years ago

  • basic tip that we should all follow but dont..

    Krishna Parikh we all know this but face difficulties in actually following up on it
    6 years ago

  • A beginners guide to grocery

  • Test baking soda by adding a teaspoon-full to 1/2 cup hot water. If it doesn't bubble, it's time to throw it out.

  • my frnd shared this with sharing it here.. it explains which veggies need to be stored in room temp, and which need to be stored in fridge..

  • informative! how to organise your refridgerator for easy use...

  • Handy kitchen tips to keep your kitchen neat and clean. Simple DIY tips with ingredients from kitchen only.

    Krishna Parikh The Baby Oil Idea - Seriously? It works???
    6 years ago

  • Amazing uses of baking soda.....this simple ingredient found in kitchen can be used for many things

  • Kitchen sink can be a hotbed for germs so it is better to wipe it dry after every use.

  • Kitchen sink can be a hotbed for germs so it is better to wipe it dry after every use.

  • It is good to get your husband’s help while cooking.

  • I always ask my husband what he wants for dinner before cooking.

  • Sometime kids should be given a chance to cook.

  • Kids should know some cooking basics.