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Hair Care

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Wednesday, 26 June 2013
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  • Palak Dalvi
    shared a photo in Hair Care

    Curly hair needs extra attention. Sharing basic hair care tips for curly hair.

  • Sonia Roy
    shared a photo in Hair Care

    Winter is here and it is important to take care of hairs as they tend to be dry and frizzy. Sharing the tips for beautiful hair

  • Barkha Ghose
    shared a photo in Hair Care

    Hair fall causes a lot of stress and stress is also one of the main causes of hair fall so this is a cycle. Sharing some marvelous tips for preventing hair fall.

  • Kiran Bhavsar
    shared a photo in Hair Care

    Love this sweet and simple hairstyle. This is great for long and medium length hair. I want to know how is this made, if someone has an idea, then share it with me ...

  • Mariam Dsouza
    shared a photo in Hair Care

    Curd and olive oil hair pack is great for hair. IT is a very good moisturizer and keeps hair smooth and shiny. It is also good for dry scalp and dandruff problem.

  • Minal Bhalla
    shared a photo in Hair Care

    Simple hair care tips will give you beautiful mane.

  • Buns are always classy and give a classic look to evening parties. Here is an easy way to style your hairs in a bun

  • such cool hairstyles! would love to try them on my self but i find it near impossible to do them on myself!

    Sarbani Gupta just wow...! especially love the Bohemian hair style..
    6 years ago

  • Use 1 tbsp of Apple cider vinegar in 500 ml of water in your hair. leave it for a 2-3 minutes, then rinse, it;s like conditioner

    Kiran Bhavsar very nice info! all women suffer from split ends! this shud help..
    6 years ago

  • what a great hairstyle. make a middle parting in your hair. braid one side of your hair. then make two parts of the remaining unbraided hair. now in total your hair will be split in 3 parts. braid like normal.. looks HOT!

  • tips for growing long hair! hope these work!

  • Balayam Yoga (Rubbing nails): This yoga asana was made famous by Baba Ramdev. Curl the fingers of both hands inwards towards your palm. Bring the nails of both your hands in contact with each other and start rubbing them vigorously ensure leaving out the thumbnails.
    By doing this, the roots of the hair follicles connected to the fingernails pump energy to the scalp needed for hair growth.

    Manthan Choksi im gonna do it too! hope it works on men also!!
    6 years ago

  • i love this hairstyle! just don't have enough hair to do this hairstyle..

    Shweta Kale hahaha.. u get ready hairbands that look like the plait in her hair.. you could try finding one to exactly match your hair colour...
    6 years ago

  • CPR for hair.. v. imp..

  • what i wouldnt give to have long hair like this i guess im gonna have to follow the whole list hope this helps you'll also !!

  • i loved pearl pins that I saw at Accesorize.. they were charging 800 for a pack of 3! Such chors! then found this awesome and yet so simple way of making my own pearl pins at home with motis that you can get in every craft store. as the image explains, pass a thread through the moti and tie it around basic hair pins and voila! you have your own sasta pearl pins! and the hairstyle looks so pretty!

    Shweta Kale wow! it looks beautiful!! the hairstyle as well!!
    6 years ago

  • My sister's engagement is on this months end.She is wearing a fusion gown but unable to decide a hairstyle. I think that this one will look great on her. How do you feel? Is the choice of accessory good for the D-day?

  • french plait!!